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This Editorial Food Photography Guide is a comprehensive look at the necessary steps for building a compelling food portfolio, improving food styling skills, understanding the complexities of composition, crafting your light to meet your vision, and how to attract new clients and win bigger jobs. We’ve broken down these concepts and catered the sections on gear, lighting, pre-production, and post processing to apply specifically to the editorial market. Upon completion of this course, photographers at any level will gain: a deeper understanding of industry best practices, greater knowledge of equipment spanning all price points, lighting knowledge for any scenario, better approaches to food styling, and most importantly, image composition. Step-by-step post-production in Adobe Camera Raw, Capture One 8, and Photoshop have been included with the photo shoots as well. If you’re looking to take the quality of your food photography to another level, this is the perfect food photography tutorial for you. - See more at: http://rggedu.com/products/food-photography-with-rob-grimm#sthash.s3nXYY5o.dpuf

General Overview :

  • 15+ Hours of Video Content That You Can Instantly Download
  • $40 Gift Certificate to Resolution Rentals INCLUDED
  • 51 Videos That Cover Pre-Production, Photo Shoots, and Post Production
  • In-Depth Gear, Lighting, and Lens Analysis and Demonstration
  • 20+ Retouching Videos Covering The Tools You Need To Know
  • Canon 5D MK III, Canon 70D, Canon 1D MK IV, Hasselblad H4d Cameras Used
  • Using Natural Light vs. Strobe
  • Using Modifiers to Create Mood
  • Building A Lighting Kit On A Budget
  • Building Mood With Your Light
  • Paul C Buff, Chimera, & Broncolor Modifiers Explored
  • Alien Bee, Hensel, & Broncolor Packs & Heads Used & Compared
  • Choosing the Right Gear For Your Budget and Which Lenses To Buy or Rent
  • Studio Space Essentials
  • Building Your On-Location Kit - The Essentials Needed
  • Building Composition In Your Images
  • The Use Of Negative Space
  • 3+ Locations Used in 3 Resturants
  • How To Work With Chefs
  • Pricing & Marketing Podcast
  • Tips for High Quality Editorials
  • Ad Quality Start-to-Finish Post Production of 15+ Photo Shoots
  • RAW Files Included For You To Work With
  • Interactive iBook and PDF Included

Berikut contoh hasil fotografi dan retouching-nya :

RGGEDU Food Photography

Berikut screenshot materinya :

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screenshot 3

screenshot 3

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Screen 8

Harga asli materi ini adalah $299.00 atau Rp.3.887.000,- dengan kurs 13rb

Paket ini cocok bagi Anda yang fotografer ataupun pengusaha kuliner atau mungkin memiliki toko online kuliner dan ingin membuat karya fotografi dari produk kuliner Anda sehingga foto produk Anda terlihat bagus dan profesional yang akhirnya akan mempengaruhi minat pembeli Anda.

Bagi Anda yang order hari ini, saya tambahkan bonus menarik untuk menambah wawasan Anda di bidang fotografi kuliner, yaitu :

Special Bonus#1 : Food Styling and Photography


Whether you're taking shots for a foodie blog, advertisements, packaging, menus, or cookbooks, Food Styling & Photography For Dummies shows you how to take the next step in your passion for food and photography. This attractive, informative, and fun guide to the fundamentals of food styling provides information on the tools and techniques used by some of the most successful industry professionals.

Food Styling & Photography For Dummies provides you with the fundamentals of food styling and gives you the inside scoop on the tools and techniques used by some of the most successful industry professionals. * Shows you how to translate taste, aroma, and appeal through color, texture, and portion * Includes techniques such as extreme close-ups, selective focus, and unique angles to create dramatic effect * Detailed coverage on lighting and composition * Tips for choosing the proper equipment and mastering the use of camera settings, lenses, and post-production software * Advice for creating a professional personality and getting your food photography business off the ground.

Whether you're an amateur or professional food photographer, Food Styling & Photography For Dummies is a fun and informative guide to photographing and arranging culinary subject matter.


Special Bonus#2 : Advanced Lighting for Food Photography with Joe Glyda

Advanced Lighting

Food photographer Joe Glyda is back in the kitchen. In his second course, Joe is teaching some advanced lighting setups and working with his food stylist to create melted cheeses, grilled meats, crisp vegetables, and colorful fruit salad. Joe talks about the relationship between photographer and food stylist and the importance of using dummy food before shooting the final product.

Special Bonus#3 : Stock Photography - Food & Drink

Stock Photo

Koleksi foto-foto makanan dan minuman resolusi tinggi yang bisa menjadi acuan dan inspirasi atau bahkan menjadi bahan untuk desain tempat maupun kuliner Anda.


Semua materi diatas dapat Anda dapatkan dalam paket ini dengan harga sbb :


Paket RGGEDU The Complete Guide To Editorial Food Photography & Photoshop Retouching
Harga Rp.  200.000,-


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