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Bila kita tahu caranya, maka hidup ini tidak sulit...
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Dan bila kita belajar kepada para terbaik di dunia, maka kita akan tahu caranya...

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Materi#1 : Anthony Robbins - Conquering Overwhelming Loss

Dalam kehidupan setiap orang pasti ada kemunduran, kekecewaan dan waktu dimana kita merasa kehilangan segalanya. Anthony Robbins bersama dengan Madanes akan menuntun kita secara bertahap bagaimana caranya supaya kita bisa mendapatkan kembali rasa percaya diri kita, gairah kita, dan cinta kepada sesama setelah sebuah kegagalan. Dalam DVD ini kita bisa merasakan pengalaman kesuksesan seseorang dan kita akan belajar bagaimana cara untuk tetap dapat mengontrol kehidupan kita tidak peduli dalam situasi apapun.

Materi#2 : Anthony Robbins - Negotiating Conflict : Leadership In Times Of Crysis

Kejadian 11 September 2001 yang menimpa warga Amerika menimbulkan banyak kemarahan yang mendalam, kesusahan, kekecewaan, kesedihan, dendam, dan kemarahan. Dalam DVD ini kita bisa melihat bagaimana Anthony Robbins membuat orang – orang yang merasa kesusahan, kekecewaan yang mendalam, kesedihan, kemarahan bahkan dendam bisa menguasai emosi mereka dengan sangat – sangat dahsyat.

Materi#3 : Anthony Robbin - Keys To Unlimited Success (Video)

Materi#4 : Anthony Robbin - Life Management System (Video)

VCD ini akan menjelaskan sebuah sistem yang dibuat oleh Anthony Robbins yang bisa membuat kita bisa meraih hasil yang jauh lebih banyak dengan waktu yang lebih sedikit. Ini adalah perubahan paradigma dari manajemen waktu ke manajemen kehidupan.

Materi#5 : Jay Abraham - Your Secret Wealth (MP3)

Materi#6 : Spencer Johnson - Who Moved My Cheese (Video)

Materi#7 : Robert T. Kiyosaki - 60 Minutes of Getting Rich (Video)

Materi#8 : Robert T. Kiyosaki - Face 2 Face with Robert T. Kiyosaki (Video)

Materi#9 : Robert T. Kiyosaki - National Archive Congress (Video)

Materi#10 : Robert T. Kiyosaki - Secret of the Rich (Video)

Materi#11 : Anthony Robbins - Time Of Your Life (Video)

Dalam VCD ini akan dijelaskan tentang Rapid Planning Method atau RPM system, yang berorientasi pada hasil, dikendalikan oleh tujuan, rencana tindakan yang luar biasa untuk mengelola kehidupan personal dan kehidupan profesional. Anthony Robbins sudah mempraktekkan dan menyempurnakan sendiri RPM system dan berhasil meraih hasil yang tidak pernah dia peroleh sebelumnya. Dalam VCD ini, Anthony Robbins akan mengajarkan RPM system yang telah dikembangkan dalam Total Life Management dengan anda.

Materi#12 : Anthony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within (Video)

Di VCD Unleash the Power Within, Anthony Robbins akan mengajarkan kita untuk tidak menetapkan goal atau standar dibawah kemampuan kita yang sebenarnya. Kita akan diajarkan untuk mengeluarkan kemampuan yang sebanarnya dalam diri kita sehingga kita dapat meraih kehidupan yang kita harapkan.

Materi#13 : Stephen R. Covey - 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People (Video)

Materi#14 : Robert T Kiyosaki - Cashflow e-Game 101 (PC Game)


Materi#15 : Robert T Kiyosaki - Cashflow e-Game 202 (PC Game)


Materi#16 : Robert T Kiyosaki - Cashflow Quadrant (MP3)

Materi#17 : Robert T Kiyosaki - Retire Rich Retire Young (MP3)

Materi#18 : Robert T Kiyosaki - You Can Choose to Be Rich (PDF)

Materi#19 : Monopoly (PC Game)

Materi#20 : Donald Trump - The Apprentice (PC Game)

Materi#21 : Donald Trump - The Real Estate Tycoon (PC Game)

Materi#22 : Capitalism 2 (PC Game)


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Materi#23 : Ron White - How To Develop The Mind Of Einstein (Video + Sub Indo)

How to Develop the Mind of Einstein by Ron White The series not only educates you in examining the person and life of Einstein (great learning for you fans of history and biographies), it also will entertain you and most importantly it will give you strategies and ideas on how to improve your thinking, skills, relationships, time management and more. It's interesting! It's fascinating! It's educational! It will stimulate your thinking! It will challenge you! It is something that you will want your kids to listen to as well!

Materi#24 : Ron White - How To Have A Winning Year (Video + Subtitle Indo)

Winning Year
You can have your best year yet by learning the skills and strategies of peak performers. If we model the behaviors of truly successful people, we can achieve the same level of success. Be challenged and inspired as Ron White uncovers the habits of some of the world's greatest thinkers, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison. Learn what it is these historical figures share in common with the great men and women of today. Ron also shares the six invaluable lessons he's learned from history, motivational giants, Naval officers, his family, and his one-year-old buddy.


Materi#25 : Tom Rath - How Full Is Your Bucket (Video + Subtitle Indo)

How Full Is Your Bucket
All of us have a metaphorical bucket representing how we feel from moment to moment. But how do we keep that bucket full and keep ourselves brimming with positive energy that not only improves our own lives but the lives of others around us? Learn from Tom how to prevent bucket dipping -- get rid of negativity for a strong foundation; shine a light on what is right in life instead of what is wrong; develop best-friend caliber relationships at work; and give unexpected gifts -- including the gift of trust and responsibility.

Materi#26 : Using Credit Cards Wisely (Video + Subtitle Indo)

Credit Card
With one swipe of a credit card you can purchase just about anything – even if you can’t really afford it! Avoid the traps of fine print and credit jargon by learning the fundamentals of using credit cards. Understand how credit cards actually work, the different types of cards available, and how to use them to your advantage. See how to select the card that’s right for you, how to read your monthly statement, and ways to protect yourself as you conquer the world of credit cards.


Materi#27 : Jamie Smart : If The Secret's So Great, Show Me The Money !


The "Do what you love, Living on purpose process" covers 8 essential areas:

The Inside Out Mindset
Authentic Direction
Product Creation
Getting Clients
Meaningful Wealth, Money & Abundance
Technical Mastery
Creative Process
Mentors, Community & Team


"If the Secret's So Great, Show Me the Money!" dives into the area of meaningful wealth, money & abundance in-depth.

"If You Want to Live Your Purpose Fully, You Need To Transform Your Relationship With Money"

"What would be possible for you if you never had to worry about money again, & could FEEL FREE to live a life you love every day, enjoying a meaningfully wealthy lifestyle?"

The most misunderstood substance on the planet...

There is nothing in the world more misunderstood than money. People crave it. They work for it, are willing to kill for it & die for it. They mythologise it, demonise it & fight wars over it. They blame it for their relationship problems, & "know" that life would be better if they only had more of it. Some hoard it, & fret over spending it, while others can't hang onto it no matter how hard they try.

Most people think of money like a magic wand that could solve all their problems & give them lasting happiness & wellbeing, if only it was waved over them. But the truth is that despite money playing an important part in our lives...

Most people haven't got the slightest idea about what money even IS, what it ISN'T, what it can do & what it CAN'T do.

As a result, most people are DEEPLY SUPERSTITIOUS about money, & exhibit bizarre beliefs & baffling behaviours where money's involved. These are the inevitable result of having superstitions instead of real understanding (in the same way that people in the dark ages exhibited bizarre behaviours because of their superstitions about the causes of illness & disease).

Jamie Smart, one of the UK 's most acclaimed and respected trainers as well as the CEO and Founder of Salad. Jamie has a passion for language, learning and teaching. This is evident in Salad’s NLP Practitioner and training courses as well as in Salad's array of world renowned NLP and Hypnosis products, including Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards, NLP Coaching Cards and Irresistible Influence Cards.

Jamie has been taught by some of the best NLP trainers in the world including the founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, as well as highly skilled and innovative trainers such as Robert Dilts, Chris Hall, and Joseph Riggio.

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