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Belajar membuat model robot dan menganimasikannya seperti film Transformers, dengan menggunakan software 3D Max, Maya, Photoshop, dll Anda akan belajar membuat robot dengan lengkap.

Materi#1 : Learn Violin with Dana Freeman Level 1


Video latihan belajar biola, berikut materinya :

  • Playing Pizzicato
  • Tuning The Violin
  • Putting It Together
  • Learning The Left-Hand
  • Playing With The Bow
  • Conclusion

Materi#2 : Learn Violin with Dana Freeman Level 2


Video latihan belajar biola, berikut materinya :

  • Pizzicato
  • Putting It Together
  • Finger Exercises
  • Learning A Song & Bow Strokes
  • Review
  • Conclusion

Materi#3 : Eric Lewis - Violin Master Pro

Eric Lewis

Imagine yourself playing the violin like a true master. Wiht violin lessons from true violin master Eric Lewis (of the Manhattan String Quartet) you will be playing the violin just how you imagine. You will be the violin master that you want to be.

No matter what level you are currently playing at (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) Eric Lewis' video violin lessons will take your playing to the next level. And because the lessons are instantly available, you will literally be improving your violin skills within minutes from now.


Materi#4 : The Violin with Ric Sanders


This DVD includes helpful tips for choosing a violin; use of peg paste; and use of resin on the bow; the parts of the violin and bow and how to hold and position them; tuning; bowing technique; reading music notation; playing tunes with open strings; plucking; left hand fingering and scales; playing a simple tune; vibrato; major and minor scales and the Dorian mode; counting time.

Materi#5 : The Art Of Violin - Devil's Instrument

The Art Of Violin - Devil's Instrument

A documentary film by Bruno Monsaingeon devoted to the 20th century's greatest violinists, The Art of Violin really cannot be faulted. The same, incidentally, can also be said of the similar volumes that cover the piano and singing, so there's never been a better time to collect a personal audio-visual archive of some wonderful historical performers. The added dimension provided by the painstakingly collected film material (here featuring no fewer than 20 outstanding soloists) is of exceptional value when observing violin technique, and the diversity of approaches presented here in loving detail is in itself a subject for endless comparison. The material mixes archive performance footage, much of which one might never have dreamed existed, with interviews and documentary commentary. However, rather than turn the project into a museum piece, Monsaingeon includes contributions from contemporary figures such as Itzhak Perlman and Hilary Hahn. An absolute must.

Materi#6 : Shinichi Suzuki - Suzuki Violin School Method

Shinichi Suzuki - Suzuki Violin School Method

Complete Violin School Shinichi Suzuki. Includes 10 notebooks with the works, located on the degree of increasing complexity. The essence of the "Suzuki method" is the student as much as possible listening to the work, which he performs. For this purpose the mp3 recording (original - CD) with the execution of the works included in "school." Contents : Notebook with Violin vol. 10.01 Notebooks with clavier vol. 5.1 Book with clavier, the remaining part (Volume B - vol. 6 to 10) Book "Suzuki - Duets For Violins - Second Violin Parts to Selections from Suzuki Violin School" - vol. 1, 2, 3 Two scores vol. 9, 10 Brochure "Shinichi Suzuki - His Speeches and Essays" mp3 files with all the works of notebooks vol. 1.10

Materi#7 : Vanessa Mae - The Violin Player


The Violin Player was the first techno/pop album by classical and pop musician Vanessa-Mae, released in 1995 (see 1995 in music). It is also the first album Vanessa-Mae released on the EMI label.
The Violin Player has a unique blend of music covers of some classical (J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor), remakes of old favorites (Mason Williams' "Classical Gas") and originals (seven tracks composed by British musician and songwriter Mike Batt), and one original by Vanessa-Mae herself with co-writing of Ian Wherry (Red Hot).
The Violin Player has sold over 8 million copies, and is still regarded by many as Vanessa-Mae's best work.

Track listing :

  1. "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" 7:47
  2. "Contradanza" 3:49
  3. "Classical Gas" 3:21
  4. "Theme from 'Caravans'" 5:06
  5. "Warm Air" 3:38
  6. "Jazz Will Eat Itself" 3:30
  7. "Widescreen" 3:58
  8. "Tequila Mockingbird" 3:26
  9. "City Theme" 4:32
  10. "Red Hot" 3:16


Materi#8 : 99 Most Essential Violin Masterpieces


  • 1-12. Vivaldi, The Four Seasons -- Yehudi Menuhin, violin. "The Four Seasons" shows up on just about every X5 set in some form, and a complete version was included in Vivaldi set. However, this version with Yehudi Menuhin is new to these collections.
  • 13. Beethoven, Romance No. 2 -- Alexij Bruni, violin. Repeat from the "Romantic" set.
  • 14-16. Mendelssohn concerto -- Jaime Laredo, violin. Repeat from the Mendelssohn set.
  • 17. Rachmaninoff, "Vocalise" -- Pieter Schoeman, violin. A new performance of a work that has appeared on three previous sets.
  • 18-20. Tchaikovsky concerto -- Emmy Verhey, violin. Two new movements in this performance. A different full performance was included on the Tchaikovsky set.
  • 21-24. Beethoven, "Spring" Sonata -- Emmy Verhey, violin. Two new movements.
  • 25-27. Bach, Concerto No. 1 -- Emmy Verhey, violin. Two new movements.
  • 28-30. Brahms concerto -- Borika van den Booren, violin. One new movement in this performance. A different full performance was included in the Brahms set.
  • 31. Dvorak Humoresque -- Oliver Colbentson, violin. A different performance was on the Dvorak set.
  • 32-34. Mozart, Concerto No. 3 -- Emmy Verhey, violin. A new performance. Two movements of a different performance appeared previously.
  • 35. Fritz Kreisler, Liebeslied -- Pavel Eret, violin. New.
  • 36. Massenet, Meditation from Thaïs -- Pieter Schoeman, violin. Repeat from two earlier sets.
  • 37-39. Bach, Concerto No. 2 -- Emmy Verhey, violin. One new movement.
  • 40-42. Vivaldi, L'Estro Harmonico -- Bohuslav Matousek, violin. One new movement in this performance. A different full performance was on the Vivaldi set.
  • 43. Arvo Pärt, Spiegel im Spiegel -- Vadim Guzman, violin. Repeat from the "Relaxing" set.
  • 44-46. Vivaldi, Il Ritiro -- Josef Merten, violin. Repeat from the Vivaldi set.
  • 47-49. Mozart, Concerto No. 4 -- Michail Gantvarg, violin. Two new movements.
  • 50. Camille Saint-Saëns, Introduction and Rondo Capriccio -- Viviane Hagner, violin. New.
  • 51-53. Beethoven concerto -- Christian Tetzlaff, violin. The first movement of this fine performance is new -- movements 2 and 3 were on the Beethoven set.
  • 54-56. Edward Elgar, sonata -- Lee Suk-Bin, violin. New.
  • 57. Camille Saint-Saëns, Havanaise -- Andrei Korsakov, violin. New.
  • 58-60. Paganini, Concerto No. 2 -- Andrei Korsakov, violin. Two new movements.
  • 61. Beethoven, Romance No. 2 -- Alexij Bruni, violin. Repeat from the Beethoven set.
  • 62-64. Prokofiev, Concerto No. 2 -- Bruno Zwicker, violin. New.
  • 65-68. Bach, Sonata No. 1 -- Conrad von der Goltz, violin. Three new movements.
  • 69. Ravel, Tzigane -- Igor Oistrakh, violin. New.
  • 70-72. Bruch, Concerto No. 1 -- Ilya Grubert, violin. A new performance. One movement of a different performance appeared previously.
  • 73. Mozart, Sonata No. 21 -- Pavel Popov, violin. (Excerpt) A new performance. Appeared previously in different performance.
  • 74-76. Bach, Concerto for Two Violins -- Yehudi Menuhin and Alberto Lysy, violin. One new movement.
  • 77-79. Mozart, Concerto No. 1 -- Emmy Verhey, violin. New.
  • 80. Schumann, Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra -- Igor Oistrakh, violin. New.
  • 81-83. Paganini, Concerto No. 1 -- Ilya Ioff, violin. One new movement.
  • 84. Mozart, Adagio -- Emmy Verhey, violin. Repeat from the Mozart and "Romantic" sets.
  • 85-87. Sibelius concerto -- Ilya Grubert, violin. Two new movements.
  • 88-90. Mozart, Concerto No. 5 -- Jurajciz Marovic, violin. Two new movements.
  • 91. Corelli, Sonata No. 12 -- Leon Spierer, violin. (Excerpt) Repeat from "Baroque" set.
  • 92-94. Mozart, Sinfonia Concertante -- Frank Gassman, violin. A new performance. One movement of a different performance appeared previously.
  • 95-99. Bach, Partita No. 2 -- Conrad von der Goltz, violin. Four new movements


Materi#9 : Romantic Violin Instrumental


Kumpulan instrumen biola lagu-lagu romantis yang indah.


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