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Paket Panduan Terlengkap Belajar Bahasa Inggris

Paket Bahasa Inggris

Versi 4
Materi terus diupdate
, so pastikan Anda melakukan update

Materi 1 : Tell Me More 9 British & American English (Harga Ecer Rp. 20.000,-)

Tell Me More 9

Tell Me More Performance ( Communication ) v9.0 British & American English DVD
Program Tell Me More VERSI TERBARU DARI AURALOG ini disajikan dengan sangat menarik (macromedia flash ) Tell Me More Tersedia dalam 5 level :

  1. Beginner
  2. Advanced Beginner
  3. Intermediate
  4. Independent
  5. Advanced

TELL ME MORE PERFORMANCE is the most complete and extensive English software available anywhere. Become fluent in English through 10 distinct levels, and utilizing exclusive online services:

  1. A 24/7 online adviser to answer your questions
  2. Comprehensive Tests to evaluate your level and progress
  3. Weekly lessons based on a relevant news topic
  4. New Role Play activity

TELL ME MORE PERFORMANCE provides language learning that is simple-to-use and increasingly effective, making learning a language fun and engaging. It’s so effective, in fact, that more than 95% of learners have progressed at least one level!

  1. Over 5 million satisfied users worldwide.
  2. Used everyday in more than 10,000 Academic Institutions.
  3. Global leaders and government agencies have placed their trust in TELL ME MORE: U.S. State Department, U.S. Government, FBI, Canadian Federal Government, EDS, BMW, ExxonMobil.
  4. Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best language learning software.
  5. Auralog was the first company in the world to apply speech recognition to language learning software.
  6. Today, Auralog continues its innovation by delivering personalized and interactive solutions aimed at increasing language fluency through pedagogically grounded, yet highly engaging, methods. The TELL ME MORE programis the realization of this effort.


Materi 2 : Rosetta Stone 27 Language (Harga Ecer Rp. 20.000,-)

Rosetta Stone 27 La

Belajar bahasa asing jadi lebih cepat dan mudah dengan Rosetta Stone. dengan fitur-fitur spektakuler seperti:

1. Voice recognition / Dynamic Immersion
Fitur ini membantu meningkatkan kemampuan melafal atau berbicara dengan menggunakan fitur keren “dynamic speech recognition” untuk membandingkan lafal kalian dengan lafal asli penduduk asli.

2. Listening
Rosetta Stone menggunakan penduduk asli untuk mengajari kita mendengarkan, sehingga membuat cepat memahami bahasa sehari hari, dan mengembangkan kemampuan mendengarkan dan memahami secara mudah dan alami.

3. Reading
Mengembangkan kemampuan membaca dengan menggunakan topik objek, aksi dan kejadian sehari-hari. berlatih menulis bahasa yang sedang dipelajari. Tinggal tulis apa yang didengar, dan program ini akan dengan hati hati dan teliti memeriksa hasilnya.

Contain DVD : Installer Rosetta Stone dimana di dalamnya terdapat 27 Bahasa Asing, antara lain:
    * Arabic Level 1 dn 2 (Belajar bahasa Arab)
    * Chinese Mandarin Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa mandarin)
    * Danish Level 1 dan 2
    * Dutch Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa belanda)
    * English UK Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa Inggris asli dari Inggris)
    * English US Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar bahasa Inggris orang Amerika)
    * French Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Perancis)
    * German Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Jerman)
    * Greek Level 1 (Belajar bahasa Yunani)
    * Hebrew Level 1
    * Hindi Level 1 (Belajar bahasa India)
    * Indonesian Level 1 dan 2(Belajar bahasa Indonesia)
    * Italia Level 1, 2, dan 3 (Belajar Bahasa Italia)
    * Japanese Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Jepang)
    * Korean Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Korea)
    * Latin Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Latin)
    * Polish Level 1 dan 2
    * Portuguese Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Portugis)
    * Russian Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Rusia)
    * Russian Traveler
    * Spanish Level 1 dan 2 (Belajar Bahasa Spanyol)
    * Swahili (Bahasa Kenya dan tanzania) Level 1
    * Swedish Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Swedia)
    * Thai Level 1 (Belajar Bahasa Thailand)

Rosetta Stone menggunakan metode belajar menggunakan “Dynamic Immersion” yang telah mendapatkan penghargaan di Amerika Serikat dan dipakai untuk melatih para diplomat mereka. Terbukti efektif dan telah dicoba oleh para astronot NASA, Pasukan Perdamaian Amerika Serikat dan berjuta juta pelajar diseluruh dunia.

Materi 3 : Charles Harrington Elster - Verbal Advantage (24 CD + Workbook) (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Verbal Advantege

People Judge You By The Words You Use
Studies over many decades have proven that a strong command of the English language is directly linked to career advancement, to the money you make and even to social success. To move ahead in your career, your vocabulary level must at least equal the average level of the members of your profession. To excel, your vocabulary must surpass that of your colleagues. Every day, people judge you by the words you use. Rightly or wrongly, they make assumptions about your intelligence, your education and your capabilities. Nothing makes a better impression than a solid mastery of the English language. Imagine yourself at a business or social gathering. You have the floor. All eyes are on you. Youre speaking with confidence and poise, always choosing precisely the right word. This scene could be real with Verbal Advantage.

Materi 4 : Barron 550 Words You Need to Know (5 CD + Workbook) (Harga Ecer Rp. 20.000,-)

This popular vocabulary-building program, previously available in audiocassette tape format, is now being issued on compact discs. Based on Murray Bromberg and Melvin Gordon’s bestselling classroom book, 1100 Words You Need to Know, this program presents seven humorous dramatizations designed to build students’ word power while preparing them for the SAT, ACT, and ESL tests. Dramatized stories include those of a hapless football team, a private eye, a chef with an accident-prone cooking show, and others. All stories keep their listeners amused while they introduce words and word meanings in the context of informal conversations. A 32-page booklet lists the words-to-learn from each dramatization and provides brief definitions for them all.

Materi 5 : BBC DVD English - World’s Most Popular English Complete Course Tutorial (60 lessons) - update Sept 2011

BBC English

Merupakan video pembelajaran bahasa Inggris praktis yang mengajarkan conversation yang sering terjadi dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Setiap video didesain secara situasional sehingga sangat mudah diterapkan dalam conversation sehari-hari, berikut materinya :

Video :

  1. What's your name
  2. How are you
  3. Can you help me
  4. Left, right, straight ahead
  5. Where are they
  6. What's the time
  7. What's this .What's that
  8. I like it very much
  9. Have you got any wine
  10. What are they doing
  11. Can I have you name, please
  12. What does she look like
  13. No smoking
  14. It' on the first floor
  15. Where's he gone
  16. Going away
  17. Buying things
  18. Why do you like it
  19. What do you need
  20. I sometimes work late
  21. Welcome to Britain
  22. Who's that
  23. What would you like to do
  24. How can we get there
  25. Where is it
  26. What's the date
  27. Whose is it
  28. I enjoy it
  29. How many and how much
  30. What have you done
  31. Haven't we met before
  32. What did you say
  33. Please stop
  34. How can I get to Brightly
  35. Where can I get it
  36. There's a concert on Wednesday
  37. What's it like
  38. What do you think of him
  39. I need someone
  40. What were you doing
  41. What do you do
  42. What do you know about him
  43. You shouldn't do that
  44. I hope you enjoy your holiday
  45. Where can I see a football match
  46. When will it be ready
  47. Where did you go
  48. I think it's awful
  49. A room with a view
  50. You'll be ill
  51. I don't believe in strikes
  52. They look tired
  53. Would you like to
  54. Holiday plans
  55. The second shelf on the left
  56. When you are ready
  57. Tell them about Britain
  58. I liked everything
  59. Classical or modern
  60. Finale

Audio :

  • Unit_01-10.mp3
  • Unit_11-20.mp3
  • Unit_21-30.mp3
  • Unit_31-40.mp3
  • Unit_41-50.mp3
  • Unit_51-60.mp3


Materi 6 : Living English Daily Conversation (Harga Ecer Rp. 50.000,-)

design secret

Dalam program "Living English" ini, kita akan mempelajari tata bahasa dan percakapan umum Bahasa Inggris dalam kehidupan sehari - hari menjadi sangat mudah dan praktis. Seri ini dikemas dalam satu paket 32 VCD dengan harga yang sangat ekonomis. Program ini terdiri dari episode - episode dengan topik yang berbeda-beda.  Dalam VCD akan menyajikan cerita singkat yang menarik, dilanjutkan dengan penjelasan lanjut baik dalam VCD maupun buku. Kita akan dibawa ke dalam suatu cerita bersambung yang menarik untuk diikuti sambil Belajar Bahasa Inggris dengan cara mudah, murah, dan praktis.

LIVING ENGLISH > Episode 1-32

  1. Subtitle English & Indo (Teks Indonesia)
  2. Satu Paket terdiri dari 4 VCD, jadi 8 Paket ini = 32 keping VCD

"Harga asli 8 Paket ini (1 Paket=4 DISC /4 episode, harga @ 69.000/paket)
Harga asli TOTAL senilai 8x69.000 = Rp.552.000,-"

Topik yang dibahas :

a. DISC 1-4 :

  • Episode 1 : Sambutan, Perkenalan Diri, Kalimat Sederhana, Kata Ganti, Ini dan Itu, dan kata Sifat.
  • Episode 2 : Mengucapkan Terima Kasih, Mengucapkan Perpisahan, Bentuk Akan Datang, Membayar, dan Sebutan Formil.
  • Episode 3 : Membuat Janji, Can (dapat), Will dan 'll (akan), Waktu, Kata Depan Waktu.
  • Episode 4 : Menanyakan Arah, Bentuk Sedang Berlangsung, Mengunjungi, Arah.

b. DISC 5-8

  • Episode 5 : Kebangsaan, Usia, Angka, pekerjaan, Pertanyaan Lain Tentang Seseorang.
  • Episode 6 : Past tense (Bentuk Lampau ), Regular Verbs ( Kata Kerja Beraturan ), Pengejaan Kata Kerja dengan Akhiran ?Y? , Irregular Verbs (Kata Kerja Tidak Beraturan), Pertanyaan dalam Past tense (Bentuk Lampau), Pertanyaan Menggunakan ?What? dan ?Where?.
  • Episode 7 : Going To (akan), Will (akan), Usulan, Hari ? Hari, Kata Depan Untuk Waktu.
  • Episode 8 : Membayar , Ruangan, Kata Ganti Kepunyaan, Hubungan, dan Keluarga.

c. DISC 9-12

  • Episode 9 : Membandingkan Dua Hal, Liking / Not Liking (Suka / Tidak Suka), Would Like To (Ingin Melakukan)
  • Episode 10 : Permintaan Maaf, Menunjukkan Perhatian, Present Perfect, Past Participle, Setuju & Tidak Setuju, For-Since-Ago
  • Episode 11 : Menawarkan Bantuan, Kata Sifat, Mendeskripsikan Seseorang, A Bit-Very-Fairly-Quite
  • Episode 12 : Membuat Janji, Shall, Bilangan Tingkat, Tanggal, at-on-in, Pecahan.

d. DISC 13-16

  • Episode 13 : Permintaan dalam menelpon; Menerima telepon; Nomor Telepon; Mengajak kencan; Present Continous
  • Episode 14 : The & A; A & An; Is There / Are There; Kata-kata urutan
  • Episode 15 : Menjelaskan sesuatu; Sangat, Begitu & Sungguh; One, Some & Any;
  • Episode 16 : Memesan makanan; Makanan; Have & Has; Lebih Suka

e. DISC 17-20

  • Episode 17 : Membicarakan Tentang Apa Yang Anda Lakukan, Pergi Bekerja, Seberapa Sering, Tanda Baca Kepunyaan
  • Episode 18 : Menulis Surat, Maaf, Going To / Gunna (Akan), Anak Kecil & Remaja
  • Episode 19 : Past Tense (Bentuk Masa Lampau), Pengejaan ?ed, Kata Kerja Tidak Beraturan, Bentuk Lampau Dengan ? did? dan ? didn?t?, Singkatan
  • Episode 20 : Naseha dan Simpati, Mengatakan Bagaimana Perasaan Anda, Hope Not (Semoga Tidak), Adverbs (Kata Keterangan).

f. DISC 21-24

  • Episode 21 : Naik bus & kereta api, Pertanyaan Bagaimana
  • Episode 22 : Menulis surat, Kata Ganti Orang, Kata Ganti Subjek & Objek, Kata Ganti Reflektif
  • Episode 23 : Memberi Nasehat & membuat saran, Harus, Mesti & seharusnya telah would & Will
  • Episode 24 : Memberikan opini, Menggunakan kata "Too", Superlatif, Sebagus/sebaik.

g. DISC 25-28

  • Episode 25 : Berbelanja; Some & Any; How much & How many; A Few, Many & Dozen
  • Episode 26 : Kesempatan Pertemuan; Saya Pikir.......;Lebih banyak usulan; Tempat dengan "AT & IN"; Kata depan dari tempat.
  • Episode 27 : Kemungkinan; Kemungkinan dalam bentuk lalu; Berbicara tentang material
  • Episode 28 : Bertemu dokter; Present Perfect Continuous Tense; Lebih menyukai.

h. DISC 29-32

  • Episode 29 : Sejumlah ungkapan berguna; Di Sebelah, di belakang & di depan, atribut, cukup.
  • Episode 30 : Instruksi/menjelaskan apa yang dilakukan : Bentuk pasif, Resep makanan
  • Episode 31 : Memuji makanan: To & Too, So: Perintah.
  • Episode 32 : Kalimat Tidak Langsung; "Who" atau "That"; Kalimat kompleks; At, As, For & In.

Materi 7 : Great Collection of TOEFL,IBT,IELT, dll (Harga Ecer Rp. 100.000,-)

TOEFL saat ini benar-benar diperlukan baik secara akademis, maupun untuk kepentingan melamar kerja. Sebetulnya TOEFL itu apa sih? TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreigh Language) adalah uji kemampuan bahasa Inggris secara terpadu, yang mencakup Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Structure.

Kemampuan TOEFL tidak bisa dicapai dalam waktu singkat, anda memerlukan kedisiplinan belajar secara integrated dan yang paling penting adalah sarana belajar nya yang sangat sukar diperoleh. Kalaupun kursus akan sangat mahal. Bagaimana caranya agar murah tapi sukses? Pertama : Anda punya kamus lengkap dulu seperti Kamus Hassan Sadely, ataupun Prof. Drs. Wojowasito, selanjutnya Anda memiliki sarana belajar TOEFL yang lengkap termasuk audio nya. Inilah sarana belajar TOEFL terlengkap, terbaik dan termurah yang pernah ada.

Koleksi TOEFL, IELT, TOEIC, dll :

  • ARCO Preparation For The TOEFL
  • Barron's Pass Key to the TOEFL iBT
  • Barrons TOEFL+ 10 Audio CDs
  • Cambridge ADVANCED GRAMMERS 1.0
  • Cambridge Learner's Dictionary - 2nd edition
  • Cracking TOEFL listening
  • English Language Skills
  • ETS TOEFL Official Guide+ Audio CD
  • IELTS CAMBRIDGE grammar for IELTS with Answers
  • IELTS Cambridge Practise Test For IELTS
  • Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM, 2007-2008 Edition
  • Longman Introductory
  • Longmans TOEFL iBT
  • Mastering Skills for the TOEFL iBT
  • New Cambridge Preparation forTOEFL
  • Oxford Dictionary English For International Student
  • OXford Dictionary Of English
  • Oxford Dictionary of Quotations 15th Edition
  • Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive
  • Oxford Talk & Learn
  • Oxford Talking Dictionary
  • Oxford Thesaurus of English
  • Toefl Powerprep
  • TOEIC Test

PDF Books :

  • 400 Must-have Words for the TOEFL
  • Answers to all TOEFL Essay Questions
  • BARRONS How to Prepare For TOEFL 11ed
  • English Advanced Grammar in Use
  • TOEFL Exam Success In Only 6 Steps
  • TOEFL_Exam_Essentials

Kumpulan Kamus Terlengkap :

  • Penterjemah Bahasa (Kamus Lengkap)
  • Dictionary 2000
  • kamus
  • Oxford Dictionary 10th Edition
  • Oxford Dictionary English For International Student
  • Oxford Dictionary Of Computing
  • OXford Dictionary Of English
  • Oxford Poket Dictionary
  • Penterjemah Bahasa (Kamus Lengkap)
  • RichWin 2001
  • The Oxford Buisness Shelf
  • TwinBridge Chinese Partner Font Pack 1 & 2
  • Globalink Power Translator 6.0
  • MagicTranslator 3.0
  • Speaking Dictionaries Learning Words 2.5


Materi 8 : Rosetta Stone V3.45 + American English (5 level) + British English (3 level) (Harga Ecer Rp. 50.000,-)

design secret

Product Features :

  • Interactive language software with proprietary speech-recognition technology
  • Develop your command of the language--read, write, speak, and understand
  • Build vocabulary; negotiate complex situations; share ideas and opinions
  • Audio Companion for CD or MP3 player; learning application for iPhone or iPod Touch device
  • Language-enhancing games; live online lessons; includes headset with microphone

Develop your command of the language. From the simple to the complex, gain the confidence to share your ideas and opinions in your new language. Develop the conversational skills to plan adventures, care for your health and move abroad. Talk about government, work, movies, family, and more. Includes everything you need to learn at home and on the go.

What Will You Learn :

This level will help you :

  • Build your vocabulary and language abilities
  • Read, write, speak and understand your new language
  • Speak without a script
  • Retain what you've learned
  • Practice unscripted conversations in your new language
  • Negotiate complex situations with confidence and accuracy

Sample topics include:

  • The basics, such as age and family relations
  • Questions, greetings, introductions
  • Telling time, calendar terms, the weather
  • Directions, locations, dining out
  • Emotions, opinions, ideas
  • Political, media, business terms Arranging home repairs
  • Planning to move abroad
  • Discussing the arts and tourism
  • Careers and conducting interviews
  • Problem-solving and commercial transactions

Materi 9 : Business English (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)


Dalam hubungan bisnis global dewasa ini, Bahasa Inggris sangat dibutuhkan banyak kalangan. Dalam program ‘Business English’ ini Anda dapat dengan mudah mempelajari dan memahami percakapan – percakapan lazim Bahasa Inggris dalam berbisnis. Disajikan dalam cerita yang menarik serta penjelasan yang sangat detail akan membawa proses belajar Anda menyenangkan.
Dalam video ini, Anda akan diajarkan bagaimana untuk berbahasa Inggris formil dalam berbisnis. Selain diajarkan langsung oleh ‘native speaker’ dan para pakar, juga memaparkan banyak topik yang sering kita jumpai dalam berbisnis.

Dengan cara penyajian yang menarik, mudah dipahami, dan juga disertai dengan banyak latihan akan membuat Anda menguasai ‘Business English’ dalam waktu yang singkat.

Topik yang dibahas :

  • Episode 1 : Please To Meet You! (Senang Bertemu Dengan Anda)
  • Episode 2 : Why Don’t You Join Us? (Mengapa Tidak Bergabung Dengan Kami Saja?)
  • Episode 3 : Getting Acquainted. (Saling Berkenalan)
  • Episode 4 : Any Other Business? (Masih Ada Urusan Lain?)
  • Episode 5 : Hear! Hear! (Setuju! Setuju!)
  • Episode 6 : What Are The Options? (Apa Opsi-opsinya?)
  • Episode 7 : A Report on Progress (Laporan Atas Perkembangan)
  • Episode 8 : Graphs and Trends (Grafik dan Trends)
  • Episode 9 : A Customer Survey (Survey Pelanggan)
  • Episode 10 : Wrapping It Up (Penyelesaian)
  • Episode 11 : Dapatkah saya membantu Anda?
  • Episode 12 : Negosiasi
  • Episode 13 : Kita dapat bertransaksi
  • Episode 14 : Pidato Formil
  • Episode 15 : Sampai di lain waktu

Harga asli TOTAL senilai Rp.400.000,-

Materi 10 : Learn to Speak English 9 Deluxe (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)


Immerse yourself in the English language! Learn to speak, read, and write with natural confidence. Featuring two full years worth of robust, engaging curriculum, Learn to Speak English Deluxe offers a convenient, comprehensive language study solution. Whether you’re planning a vacation, traveling for work, or just brushing up your skills for fun, the award-winning Learn to Speak program brings your goals within reach.

Designed by language education specialists, the Learn to Speak system is easily tailored to help you learn English on your own terms. At the heart of the Learn to Speak system is the software program, featuring 35 lessons of core curriculum and 16 Extended Practice lessons. The program offers all the benefits of a structured language course, but also provides the flexibility to accommodate your individual needs and interests. And with fully-coordinated curriculum across three platforms--the core PC program, audio lessons on CD, and a 115-page reference book with printable grammar exercises--you have the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever it suits you.

  • Target vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, and writing skills with over 50 lessons and hundreds of exercises.
  • Find the ideal starting point for you with a quick but thorough diagnostic pre-test.
  • Customize your studies by following the general track or focus on specific topics that interest you most.
  • Perfect your accent with easy record and playback capabilities and an upgraded speech recognition engine that compares your pronunciation to a native speaker’s.
    Hone your listening and speaking skills in simulated real-world interactions with native speakers.
  • Enrich your studies with fascinating cultural movies exploring the sights and sounds of popular US cities.
  • Break up your lessons with a selection of refreshing games and puzzles.
  • Use the Talking Dictionary to easily access translations and pronunciations.

And when you’re away from your PC, the PDA dictionary puts more than 15,000 translations at your fingertips. You don’t need to spend months in a classroom to master the English language! Achieve the fluency you desire quickly and conveniently with the effective and entertaining Learn to Speak Deluxe program. For business, for travel, or just for fun, it’s the language learning system that gets results fast.


Materi 11 : English For You


(durasi setiap lesson 40 menit - 1 jam 10 menit)
Teacher : Molly Stone

lesson 1 - Nice to meet you
lesson 2 - How Are You
lesson 3 - What Does she look like
lesson 4 - Where Are You Form?
lesson 5 - Do You Speak English?
lesson 7 - These are Relative Family
lesson 8 - What Do You Do?
lesson 9 - Where do you work?
lesson 10 - What Time is it?
lesson 11 - What day is it?
lesson 12 - How Is the weather?
lesson 13 - What are you wearing?
lesson 14 - The body
lesson 15 - What's the matter?
lesson 16 - Home sweet home
lesson 17 - Tell me about your furniture - vocabulary for furniture (preposition)
lesson 18 - I'm Hungry - Vocabulary for food
lesson 19 - Nationality and languages
lesson 20 - Talk about tge weather
lesson 21 - How do you get there? finding it
lesson 22 - Would you like to go?
lesson 23 - My Vacation
lesson 24 - How do you travel? - Transportation words
lesson 25 - How do you get there? finding it
lesson 26 - Ask me a question - question word
lesson 27 - I don't know - indefinite pronouns
lesson 28 - Review lessons 1-9
lesson 29 - Review lessons 10-18
lesson 30 - Review lessons 19-27

(durasi setiap lesson 40 menit - 1 jam 10 menit)
Teacher :Nicole Jones

Lesson 1 - Welcome
lesson 2 - Special day - days of the week
lesson 3 - Entertaining - intoduction
lesson 4 - At school
lesson 5 - Location - preposition
lesson 6 - Shopping - clothing
lesson 7 - Did you buy this for me? - pronouns
lesson 8 - Activities - can for ability
lesson 9 - Listen to the music
lesson 10 - What's for dinner?
lesson 11 - He is taller than i am - adjective
lesson 12 - What is tallest mountain ? - comparative
lesson 13 - At home - furniture
lesson 14 - At the station
lesson 15 - Do this - imperatives
lesson 16 - Past experience
lesson 17 - Future life
lesson 18 - I wish Upon a star
lesson 19 - World knowledge
lesson 20 - Getting arround - asking polite question
lesson 21 - Social groups - a & an & the
lesson 22 - Dining out - restaurant/recipes
lesson 23 - What are your job skills? occupation, abilities & skills
lesson 24 - Talking on the phone - communications
lesson 25 - The art - vocabulary
lesson 26 - Transportation - vocabulary city features
lesson 27 - Celebrations
lesson 28 - Review lessons 1-9
lesson 29 - Review lessons 10-18
lesson 30 - Review lessons 19-27

(durasi setiap lesson 40 menit - 1 jam 10 menit)
Teacher : Christopher O'Connell

lesson 1 - Horror Films
lesson 2 - Rock n Roll : Musical Instuments
lesson 3 - space : passive - simple present tense
lesson 4 - On the farm
lesson 5 - At the hospital : medical words
lesson 6 - At the circuss
lesson 8 - Crime doesn't pay : vocabulary crime
lesson 9 - At the amusement park
lesson 10 - At the grocery store
lesson 11 - At the playground
lesson 12 - Under the water
lesson 13 - At the Hotel
lesson 16 - In the workshop
lesson 17 - At the camp : Vocabulary camp equipment
lesson 18 - At the doctor
lesson 19 - Review lessons 1-9
lesson 20 - Review lessons 10-18

Materi 12 : Kompilasi English Training


Kompilasi dari pelatihan-pelatihan bahasa inggris terbaik dan terlengkap

Update v4

Materi 13 : Business English Oxford University

Business Oxford



Terdiri dari 3 level yaitu Beginner (Pre-Intermediate), Intermediate (Upper-Intermediate), dan Advanced. Materi yang dibahas adalah seputar bisnis terdiri dari Video Lessons, Funtional Language, Grammar, Lexis, Skills, Vocabulary.

Materi 14 : The Complete English Grammar Series ($379.95)

English Grammar

Video Aided Instruction’s English Grammar Series makes the tricky rules of English grammar easier to learn than ever before — whetheryou’re new to English or you’ve been speaking it for years!

The 10 programs in this series are each divided into 3 to 5 short lessons, making them perfect for classroom use or self-study. They’re also ideal for reviewing forgotten grammar or preparing for many verbal standardized tests such as the SAT, TOEFL, GED, and GRE. Plus, they can really help you improve your grades in school or your performance on the job!

Using easy-to-follow examples and practice exercises from everyday life, this series can help you master even the most complicated English grammar topics!

the 10 programs in this series are :

DVD 01: English Grammar: Sentence Structure
DVD 02: English Grammar: Parts of Speech
DVD 03: English Grammar: Sentence Complements
DVD 04: English Grammar: Verbs
DVD 05: English Grammar: Pronouns
DVD 06: English Grammar: Agreement
DVD 07: English Grammar: Modifiers
DVD 08: English Grammar: Parallel Structure
DVD 09: English Grammar: Punctuation
DVD 10: English Grammar: Spelling & Capitalization

Paket Bahasa Inggris (BI) 20 DVD
Harga Rp.  350.000,-

Sangat murah bukan, bandingkan jika Anda mengikuti kursus bahasa Inggris...

Tunggu apa lagi segera pesan sekarang juga !

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