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Paket Product Cover

Paket Product Cover

Di jaman digital ini sudah seharusnya semua pebisnis atau industri kreatif masuk ke bisnis online. Apapun profesi Anda entah itu sebagai penulis, musikus, content creator, programmer, graphic designer, application developer, product creator, maupun bisnis konvensional membutuhkan visualisasi produk yang menarik untuk masuk ke bisnis online.

Dengan visualisasi produk yang menarik ditambah skill copywriting yang baik, maka akan jauh lebih mudah untuk close the sale alias closing alias pembeli membeli produk Anda.

Ada 2 cara untuk membuat ecover dari produk Anda, yang pertama adalah menggunakan Photoshop actionscript, dan cara kedua menggunakan software cover creator. Dan pada paket ini sudah disertakan SEMUANYA lengkap dengan tutorialnya.

Selain itu kami tambahkan juga software Photoshop dan tutorialnya untuk membantu Anda mahir desain grafis untuk menyempurnakan ecover produk Anda.

Actionscript itu apa ya?

Actionscript itu adalah otomatisasi proses dalam Photoshop. Jadi kalau dulu saya harus buat bentuk produk secara manual misal bentuk box / buku / CD, nah dengan actionscript ini saya hanya fokus dengan desain cover saja, sedangkan bentuk produknya sudah otomatis, jadi praktis dan proses desain lebih cepat.

Tapi saya gak bisa Photoshop?

Tenang saja, karena paket ini berisi software dan tutorial Photoshop mulai dasar, dan sekarang adalah saat terbaik untuk mempelajari marketing bisnis era digital.

Jadi paket ini komplit ya?

BENAR SEKALI, paket ini berisi actionscript dan software ecover TERLENGKAP.

Tanpa basa-basi langsung saja berikut adalah materinya :

  • Materi#1 : Actionscript Photoshop Black Belt Cover

  • Actionscript ecover

    Actionscript ecover

    Actionscript ecover

    Actionscript ecover

    Actionscript ecover

    Tersedia Photoshop actionscript ecover lengkap aneka jenis dan template desain produk seperti buku, box, kartu, CD/DVD, paper bag, layar LCD, dll.

  • Materi#2 : Actionscript Photoshop eCover Black Pack

  • Actionscript Photoshop eCover

    Actionscript Photoshop eCover

    Actionscript Photoshop eCover

    Actionscript Photoshop eCover

    Actionscript Photoshop eCover

    Koleksi actionscript berikutnya adalah aneka jenis dan template desain produk seperti box, kartu membership, CD/DVD, layar LCD, ezines, ebook, notebook, dll.

  • Materi#3 : Cover Action Pro 1.0 & 2.0

  • Cover Action Pro

    Cover Action Pro

    Cover Action Pro

    Actionscript ini akan memperlengkap koleksi yaitu dengan berbagai desain binders & notebooks, boxes, brochures & stationary, CDs, DVDs, Hardcover Books, Magazines & Reports, Paperack Books, Screenshots, dan Web Graphics.

  • Materi#4 : Actionscript Photoshop eCover Go

  • Cover Action Pro

    Cover Action Pro

    Masih kurang dengan koleksi ecover actionscript diatas??? Tenang saja, saya tambahin koleksi actionscript berikutnya berbagai desain produk seperti box, kaleng, audiobook, folder, hardcover book, leather book, magazine, papercase,, parcel, CF Card, iPod, Booklet, matchbox, album, multiple book, kartu membership, CD/DVD, software box, phonebook, postcard, parfume box, PDA, VHS Tape, Ring Binder, ezines, ebook, notebook, dll.

  • Materi#5 : Software Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 dan 2020

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Untuk menjalankan actionscript tentu membutuhkan software Photoshop. Nah di paket ini saya sertakan juga Photoshopnya. Jika versi 2020 terlalu berat untuk PC/laptop Anda, maka saya sertakan juga versi yang ringan yaitu CS5.5, karena untuk menjalankan actionscript pakai versi CS5.5 juga sudah cukup kok.

  • Materi#6 : Koleksi Tutorial Adobe Photoshop Premium

  • Tutorial Adobe Photoshop Premium

    Bagi Anda yang tidak punya kemampuan / skill desain menggunakan Photoshop, tenang aja, paket selalu komplit. Berikut disertakan tutorial pilihan yang cocok untuk pembelajaran Anda dalam product cover design.

    • Adobe Photoshop CC For Freelancers - Beginners Guide Designs (Rp.279.000,-)
    • What you'll learn : learn Photoshop tools and how to use them effectively, how to design some amazing on demand designs that are trendy and on demand in the freelancing market place to sell them, how to design books cover using Photoshop, how to design t-shirt cover using Photoshop

    • Kelbyone - Photoshop In 60secs
    • Tutorial tips dan trick penting Photoshop yang disajikan kilat.

    • Learn Adobe Photoshop Techniques Like a PRO - Real-Time Projects
    • What you'll learn : Advance hair masking, remove any object person or anything, powerful secret blending mode, create your fake lights get realistic, fake tattoo rock your instagram look, product photography editing, etc

    • Photoshop for beginners - Basics of editing and effects
    • What you'll learn : Understand photoshop interface, All the basic tools on photoshop and how to use them, how to import image, Make a selection, Remove your image background, Blur the background, how to remove objects from photos, how to creat popular effects on your image, Resize the image, and much more...

    • Adobe Photoshop For Beginners Training Course (Rp.1.599.000,-)
    • Learn Adobe Photoshop From Scratch - This Course Will Teach You The Basic Functions of Adobe Photoshop And How To Use It. What you'll learn : The Basic Functions Of Adobe Photoshop, How To Edit Graphics, Images And Photos, How To Use Filters, Effects And Other Tools

    • From Nothing To Pro: Business Card Design With Photoshop CC (Rp.1.099.000,-)
    • In this course, I'm going to be doing a really practical and comprehensive dive into photoshop business card design for you going through every single aspect of the graphics design theory I used all round. When you are done learning, there's a bonus class which takes you by the hand and show you how to make side income designing business card for brands.

  • Materi#7 : Software Boxshot 4.15 Ultimate + Boxshot 5.14 Ultimate (senilai $319/year)

  • Software Boxshot 4.15 Ultimate

    Software Boxshot 5 Ultimate

    Software Boxshot 5 Ultimate

    Selain membuat cover dengan actionscript Photoshop, kita juga bisa membuat ecover dengan menggunakan software. Berikut disertakan software terbaik dalam desain ecover.

    Realistic 3D Mockups Made Easy. Boxshot features 50+ customizable shapes and renders them so realistically that customers may think they are seeing a photo of the actual product. Boxshot features a large selection of customizable shapes: software boxes; hardbound and paperback books; magazines; CD, DVD, and Blu-ray boxes; cards, cans, mugs; bags; and much more. Almost all the shapes are customizable so you can adjust them for your design.

    50+ customizable shapes Boxshot features a large selection of customizable shapes: software boxes; hardbound and paperback books; magazines; CD, DVD, and Blu-ray boxes; cards, cans, mugs; bags; and much more. Almost all the shapes are customizable so you can adjust them for your design. If you need more shapes, just load them! Boxshot supports loading FBX, 3DS, and Collada (DAE) files to use in scenes. Boxshot can resize shapes according to your graphics. You don’t need to adjust your images for our shapes—Boxshot adjusts the shapes for you!

    Boxshot Features:

    Shapes library Choose from more than 50 customizable shapes to build your scene. Boxes, books, mugs, CDs, DVDs, cans and much more.

    Rendering The built-in raytracing engine makes your renderings look so unbelievably realistic, your customers may think that it’s a photo.

    Lighting Our advanced lighting system, based on a raytracing renderer, creates realistic soft shadows and amazing light effects.

  • Materi#7 : Software Insofta Cover Commander v6 + v6.6 (senilai $79.98)

  • Software Cover Commander v6

    Insofta Cover Commander v6.0.0 is an application for creating professional-level illustrations of covers, visual 3D-pictures of CD and DVD boxes, books, any screenshots that can be inserted into the screens of popular devices – TVs, monitors or even framed by a virtual iPhone and iPad, download Insofta Cover Commander crack can be in the full news below. Work with content is extremely simplified with the help of a wizard that will guide you through all the settings and allow you to perfectly adjust the lighting, camera, shadow, and reflection parameters in real time. After the wizard closes, you can return to any settings at any time, change their parameters and save the project in your own cpj format and then export the project to a jpeg, bmp, gif, png image with transparency support, or gif animation that also supports transparency, swf file and even regular avi, if someone suddenly wants to see the fruits of their labor in the form of video. Of course, all the characteristics of the final image or animation, such as size, position, number of frames in the animation, and so on – before saving, you can choose according to your needs. As everyone probably already understood, such images are often found in website design, on book pages, on posters and in advertising

    Features :

    • Compose a scene from several 3D objects.
    • 3D mockups: Box, Box with disc, Disc, Screenshot, Curved screenshot, Book, Thin book, Manual, Vista box, Card, Spiral book, Laptop, iMac (Computer), Display, iPhone 6s/SE/5c, Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 9, iPad, iPad with cover, Blu-ray box, Blu-ray with disc, Monitor, TV, DVD box, DVD box with disc, CD box, CD box with disc.
    • Let the built-in wizards do the dirty work for you and focus on the artistic details of the cover.
    • Create multiple projects, parse multiple images – with a single command (batch mode).
    • Save the result image with transparent background and use the picture for the complex web or print designs.
    • Save the light, shadow, and reflection settings under a unique name and use those settings in other projects.
    • Set the result image size (up to 4000×4000) and margins in pixels.

Paket komplit bagi Anda untuk membuat ecover berbagai produk dengan mudah dan cepat.
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