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Blender adalah sebuah software kreasi 3D yang gratis dan open source. Blender merupakan paket software 3D yang lengkap karena mencakup semua alur kerja 3D seperti modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, bahkan video editing serta game creation. Pengguna tingkat lanjut dapat mempergunakan API dari Blender untuk Python scripting untuk kustomisasi aplikasi dan membuat tools spesifik. Blender cocok untuk para individual maupun studio karena kelengkapan proses dalam 1 software. Sudah banyak proyek-proyek hebat yang berbasis Blender beredar di masyarakat.

Blender juga merupakan software yang lintas platform yang artinya dapat berjalan sama baiknya di komputer Linux, Windows dan Macintosh.


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Pirate Ship












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Materi#1 : Mastering Modeling in Blender – Workshop

This CG Cookie workshop is intended to provide an in-depth study of the key theories, fundamentals, and techniques you need to know about subdivision surface modeling. This course makes use of Blender but the majority of the material is applicable to any software that supports subdivision surface modeling. This course covers all the fundamentals that are vital to modeling, including topology, subdivision surfaces, organic modeling, hard-surface modeling, sculpting, low polygon modeling, and more

Course Objective

The goal of this course is to guide the students towards mastering mesh modeling by gaining a deeper understanding of surface, form, topology, modeling tools, and the modeling process. Ideally, the student will walk away from the workshop with the understanding of how to approach modeling anything, regardless of the subject matter, by focusing on the topology, work?ow, and forms of the subject; not the subject its self. At the end of the course each student has the opportunity to submit a ?nal exercise model which will be reviewed by the instructor. If the model passes inspection the student will receive a certi?cate signed by CG Cookie stating they have completed the course. Basic members will receive a PDF version of the certi?cate, while Premiere students will receive a printed and laminated certi?cate in the mail, along with the PDF.All students will also receive a badge on their CG Cookie pro?le indicating they have participated in a CGC workshop.Course

1. Understanding topology in depth
2. Grasping different modeling techniques, such as box modeling, sculpting, etc
3. Organic modeling
4. Hard-surface modeling
5. High-resolution Sculpting
6. Retopology

Materi#2 : Learn Blender3D in 2 hours

Learn how to do 3D in 2 hours! This course is aimed to complete beginners with Blender 3D (free software), to get you to understand the basics of the software and how to create your first scene in a morning or an afternoon. From the interface, to creating, selecting, and moving objects, and rendering. This crash course will get you up to speed with 3D creation!

Materi#3 : Blender 3D Character Modelling - Blenderella (€ 25.00)

Polygon Modeling Techniques with Focus on Topology: 100% quad polygon modeling. No sculpt, no triangles.

Created by Angela Guenette, Character Modeler, project Durian, Sintel

Angela has a background in fine arts and since 2000 worked on a variety of CG Animated Feature Films, DVD Movies, Television Series, and most recently the independent animated short film, Sintel. She has worked in Blender, Maya, XSI, Softimage3D, Gimp, and Photoshop. Some of her professional credits include Everyones Hero, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Popeye’s Voyage, Barbie on Swan Lake, Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie in the Nutcracker, Max Steel, Heavy Gear.

In this DVD, Angela Guenette walks you through her approach on modeling a character within Blender 2.5. She demonstrates the tools used in Blender and techniques on how to create efficient topology with clean edge flow. This will facilitate the creation of facial and body deformations for rigging and animation use.

Over 40 hours of practical step-by-step recorded work, for an expected total running time of 6 hours. Pace of the DVD combines both real-time & timelapse recordings, accompanied by voice narrated audio commentary.

DVD includes 9 reference images from 3d.sk (used with permission from 3d.sk and are marked with their copyright), prepared background images, concept designs, and .blend file of final completed character model.


Materi#4 : Blender Underground - Blender Basics Video Tutorials

Tutorial lengkap untuk mempelajari dasar-dasar Blender

Materi#5 : PDF Blender for Animation and Film-Based Production (2015)

See Why Blender Is Right for Your Studio’s Pipeline

Blender for Animation and Film-Based Production explores why Blender is ideal for animation films. It demonstrates Blender’s capability to do the job in each production department. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced user, you’ll see why Blender should be taken into consideration in animation and film production.

This Blender reference will help you:

  • Manage your projects from start to finish
  • Understand the different stages in any animation production
  • See how studios work and develop their animation projects
  • Describing the versatility and power of Blender, the book shows you why studios should incorporate Blender in their pipeline. It avoids tedious tutorials and incomprehensible examples. Instead, the book guides you toward finding efficient solutions for issues with your production files or pipeline. It familiarizes you with the animation industry and explores the risks involved in choosing Blender as a primary tool in animation studios.


Materi#6 : PDF Blender Cycles Materials and Textures Cookbook (2015)

Over 40 practical recipes to create stunning materials and textures using the Cycles rendering engine with Blender

About This Book

  • Create realistic material shaders by understanding the fundamentals of material creation in Cycles
  • Quickly make impressive projects production-ready using the Blender rendering engine
  • Discover step-by-step material recipes with complete diagrams of nodes

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at those familiar with the basics of Blender, looking to delve into the depths of the Cycles rendering engine to create an array of breath-taking materials and textures.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a basic Cycles material by mixing the shader components
  • Connect nodes of different kinds to build more advanced materials
  • Add node-based textures to the shaders
  • Create both simple and complex materials following step-by-step recipes
  • Switch the shader components easily without affecting a possibly complex network of links
  • Parent and rename the nodes to better organize the Node Editor window
  • Build material interfaces for general use in complex materials by grouping the shaders inside groups
  • Set up light sources and world global illumination

In Detail

Blender is the graphics software of choice for designers and media professionals alike. This book will teach you how to utilize the power of the Blender 2.7 series to create a wide variety of materials, textures, and effects with the Cycles rendering engine. You will learn about node-based shader creation, and master cycles through step-by-step, recipe-based advice. With this book, you will start small by rendering the textures of stones and water, then scale things up to massive landscapes of mountains and oceans. You will then learn how to create the look of different artificial materials such as plastic, carpenter wood, and metal, and utilize volumetric shaders to create the effects of smoke, clouds, and subsurface scattering effects of skin. You will also learn how illumination works in Cycles, improvising the quality of the final render, and how to avoid the presence of noise and fireflies. By the end, you will know how to create an impressive library of realistic-looking materials and textures.

Materi#7 : PDF Blender For Dummies - 3rd Edition (2015)

Learn 3D animation the easy way with this complete step-by-step guide

Blender For Dummies is the quick and easy guide to learning 3D modeling and animation using the popular, free, open source Blender software. You'll learn how to create models, animate movement, and render well-lit scenes as you master the powerful features that rival the more expensive professional animation software. This third edition is updated to cover the latest features added in Blender, including digital sculpting with dynamic topology, rendering with the incredibly powerful Cycles renderer, and more advanced simulation tools. You'll learn the shortcuts and tricks that make creating animation a reality for anyone at any level. The companion web site provides access to additional tutorials that give you the confidence you need to start animating quickly. This useful guide blends the functionality of a reference with the hands-on learning that develops your skills and understanding in a flash. * Create 3D objects with meshes, curves, and surfaces * Add color, texture, shades, reflections, and transparencies * Set your models in motion with animation and rigging * Create expert-level scenes with lighting and camera placement

If you want to learn 3D animation, but don't want to spend thousands of dollars getting started, Blender is just the solution you need. Blender For Dummies is the ultimate learning companion.

Materi#8 : PDF Blender For Dummies - 3rd Edition (2015)

This book will take you on a journey to understand the workflow normally used to create characters, from the modeling to the rendering stages using the tools of the last official release of Blender exclusively. Build your very own stunning characters in Blender from scratch

About This Book

Establish the basic shape of a character with the help of templates, and complete it by using different Blender toolsGain an understanding of how to create and assign materials automatically, working in both the Blender Internal engine as well as in CyclesFamiliarize yourself with the processes involved in rigging, skinning, and finally animating the basic walk-cycle of the characterWho

This Book Is For

This book is aimed at the professionals that already have good 3D CGI experience with commercial packages and have now decided to try the open source Blender and want to experiment with something more complex than the average tutorials on the web. However, it's also aimed at the intermediate Blender users who simply want to go some steps further.It's taken for granted that you already know how to move inside the Blender interface, that you already have 3D modeling knowledge, and also that of basic 3D modeling and rendering concepts, for example, edge-loops, n-gons, or samples.In any case, it's also possible for a keen beginner to follow this book, by combining it with the manual on the BlenderWiki or preceding it with a basic Blender UI tutorial on the web.The keyboard/mouse shortcuts for the operations in the recipes are, at least in all the more relevant cases, indicated in brackets.

What You Will Learn

  • Create a basic mesh depicting the character's overall shape and mood in a few simple steps
  • Use your sculpting skills to carve the character features from the meshFind the best possible flow for your edge-loops to enhance the character features and for the best possible range of deformation
  • Paint your character to enhance the surface's details
  • Mix both the Blender Internal and Cycles rendering engines in order to render materials as quickly as possible

In Detail

This book helps you create a character mesh and sculpt features, using tools and techniques such as the Skin modifier and polygon merging. You will also get a detailed, step-by-step overview of how to rig and skin your character for animation, how to paint textures and create shaders, and how to perform rendering and compositing. With the help of this book, you will be making production-quality 3D models and characters quickly and efficiently, which will be ready to be added to your very own animated feature or game.

Materi#9 : PDF Blender Cycles Lighting and Rendering Cookbook

Blender provides a broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing functionality in one package. It provides cross-platform interoperability, extensibility and a tightly integrated workflow. Blender is one of the most popular Open Source 3D graphics applications in the world.

Modern GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) have some limitations for rendering complex scenes. This is mainly because of limited memory, and interactivity issues when the same graphics card is also used for displaying and rendering frames. This is where Cycles rendering engine comes into play. Cycles is bundled as an add-on with Blender. Some of the features of Cycles is its quality, speed and having integrated industry standard libraries.

This book will show you how to carry out your first steps in Cycles - a brand new rendering engine for Blender. In a gradual and logical way, you will learn how to create complex shaders and lighting setups to face any kind of situation that you may find in Computer Graphics.

This book provides information on how to setup your first application in Cycles. You will start by adding lights, materials, and textures to your scene. When it’s time for the final render, you will see how to setup Cycles in the best way. You will learn about a wide variety of materials, lighting, techniques, tips, and tricks to get the best out of Cycles. Further on in the book, you will get to know about animation and still shots, and learn how to create advanced materials for realistic rendering, as well cartoon style shaders.

This cookbook contains a wide range of different scenes, proposed in a structured and progressive order. During this journey, you will get involved in the concepts behind every step you take in order to really master what you learn.

Materi#10 : PDF The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics Computer Modeling and Animation

While Blender is a wonderful free and open source program for computer modeling and animation, there has been a lack of unified, up-to-date documentation for beginners. Removing the frustration from the learning process, The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics: Computer Modeling and Animation helps beginners understand the basics of computer animation using Blender.

The author begins with a detailed explanation of the Blender graphical user interface (GUI) and its method of navigation. He covers basic mesh modeling on both the object and sub-object levels. At this point, the beginner 3D modeler can create a wide variety of models. The author moves on to materials, camera, lighting, and rendering, allowing the creation of more complete models and rendered images. He also includes a section on animation. This sequence provides a solid foundation for the more advanced topics discussed in later chapters.
Alleviating the difficulties in learning Blender, this book provides thorough instruction on the basics of this 3D modeling and animation program.


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