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How To UPGRADE Your Brain's Architecture & Expand The Limits Of Your Unconscious Mind So You Can...

  • Increase your performance in any area of your life...
  • Reach a particular goal that has always been out of reach for you...
  • "Outgrow" your personal problems...
  • Experience “inner healing” to emotional blocks
  • And (if you want) experience heightened states of conscious awareness...

If you're an adventurous hypnotist this offers you an exploration of your unconscious mind that you will not have ventured into before...

And if you want to achieve goals or perform at ability levels you've never been able to before – this will show you how to "grow into the person" who HAS the goal or skill you want to have…

So you once again get to experience the "buzz" of feeling fully alive more often than you're used to. Life becomes a continual adventure again. Where you can continuously “scuba-dive” the depths of your unconscious -- make new mental maps -- and thereby expand the horizons ("outer-limits") of your life-capacity.

Beyond Self Hypnosis


Some of the mental tools (or processes) you'll be shown (and walked-through) in the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS DVD PROGRAM are:

  • Stable Mentalizations (instead of normal self-hypnosis visualizations) – Mentalizations include all 5 senses and are much easier to hold than traditional visualizations. Not only that, traditional visualizations can actually BLOCK the unconscious from responding fully. And where visualizations tend to veer toward fantasies in the mind that get ignored by the unconscious – mentalizations NEVER get ignored by the your unconscious.
  • Mindfulness Exercises – these exercises are essential in order to give you a better “coping mechanism” for accessing the DEEPEST parts of your unconscious. Until now these DEEPER parts of your unconscious have protected you from accessing them. So the Mindfulness Exercises build the “mental muscles” (your GABA fibers than connect your prefrontal cortex with your Amygdala) that need to be strong enough for you to cope with navigating the DEEPEST parts of your unconscious mind.
  • Neighborhood Tour Exercise (and a transitional version of the exercise) -- where you can safely allow your deep unconscious content (including fears) to come up and safely interact with them for resolution.
  • Strange New World Exercise -- which allows you to create a fictional environment in your mind that will allow useful archetypal symbols to emerge for “tailor made” use in YOUR personal Mentalizations and Goal Setting Exercises.
  • The Teleportation Exercise -- which you can use to take yourself out of a bad place mentally (I used this exercise when I went to a doctor with a bite wound of a spider in Paraguay and the doctor didn't seem to know what to make of it. I could of panicked (and I did at first), but I used the Teleportation exercise to regain calmness and experienced an overwhelming feeling of hope that it would all be okay).
  • The Goal Mentalization Exercise -- this is a superior goal setting technique than you will have experienced before; the Goal Mentalization makes it feel like your goals are finding you.
  • Pyramid Breathing Exercise -- if you can meditate for a couple of minutes you can do Pyramid Breathing to artificially stabalize attention and extend your meditation very effortlessly to 15 or even 30 minutes and get the brain building benefits from that.
  • Then there are the Advanced Goal Setting Exercises (that allow you to set and achieve goals “outside” of your current “bucket-life”)… and many more transformational mental exercises --

  • including:

The "DTI Process" – The Absolute
PERFORM Any New Skill


Igor Ledochowski
Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer

Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Author Of Over Different 70 Hypnosis Training Products & Training Seminars
Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

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"Accelerated Learning & Rapid Mastery"

Two of the mental exercises you will be learning from the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS DVD PROGRAM are the Inner Practice Room and the DTI processes – designed to accelerate your learning capacity.

Well, listen: I recently showed 2 clients how to use those two processes to acquire a skill that had failed them for the last 2 years. 

What happened after going through the Inner Practice Room and the DTI processes with me?

Both clients were able to acquire the level of skill needed in just under one hour.

In fact, one client said he developed his skill more in under an hour working with me than he had in the last 2 years of trying to develop the skill himself! (By the way - I still know nothing about the skill he wanted to improve, so it was not skills coaching but just TWO of the BEYOND SELF HYPNOSIS processes I’ll be teaching you in the DVD training program that enabled both clients to unlock their full potential and master a new skill-set in less than an hour!)

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Beyond Self Hypnosis 1

Beyond Self Hypnosis 2

Beyond Self Hypnosis 3


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  • Beyond Self Hipnosis : Video Course+PDF transcript+Audio Course
  • Accelerated Learning & Rapid Mastery : Audio Course+PDF transcript

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